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RPO - Services:

» Conducting research, candidate resume sourcing through your in-house database or jobboards databases where you
   have subscribed to (you will provide us access to jobboards/databases and authorization to use the same for researching    your requirements).
» Resume screening and matching resumes as per required skillsets
» Short listing of potential professionals
» Contacting short listed professionals, know their interest about your open positions and forward resumes of interested    professionals to your Recruiters for further follow up and interview
» Continuously build pipeline of professionals as per your requirements
» Job postings on multiple job boards
» Source professionals resumes on the Internet - passive professionals
» Inputting the required data into spreadsheets and/or database
» Any other recruitment related tasks

Your savings:
» No Payroll expenses
» No expenses like paid vacation, insurance etc
» No infrastructure cost
» We handle the sourcing function so you can focus on your core business activity
» We provide you Recruiters- one or more depending upon your requirements
» Save you money and time by reducing the need to hire, train, develop and maintain Recruiters.

Resume Screening:
If you have advertised on job boards or your corporate website and are flooded with resumes, we can help you screen
the resumes you receive in response to your job ads. You give us your job specifications, criteria, must-have-skills and other parameters. We will carefully screen the best resumes as per your specifications and present you those who match very close to your requirements.

Outsource non core functions:
In many organizations recruiters spend a majority of their time sorting through resumes in their inbox or finding professionals from job boards - over 60% of their time is spent in these areas. Outsourcing their non core functions help save time and increase productivity levels. Many organizations today are considering recruiting process outsourcing (RPO) from India as one of the possible options to stay ahead and be competitive that helps save time and costs.

Active and passive professionals:
Our recruiters have the know-how to research for active and passive professionals.

Active Professionals:
Our e- Recruiters will search for professionals as per your job requirements and screen resumes on job boards, paid
or free, where you have subscribed as a member. You will authorize us to use your subscription account and give us
your job specifications, criteria, must have skills and other parameters. We will search for resumes who meet the job specifications and send over the match close to the requirement. If you prefer we can also contact the professionals on
your behalf and send you the response about their interest in the said position.

Passive Professionals:
Our e-Recruiters are experienced in advanced internet search techniques e.g. boolean. We search for passive
professionals resumes on many search engines, directories, lists, conferences, user groups, special interest groups, associations, alumni pages, press releases and other places on the world wide web. You give us your job specifications, criteria, must have skills and other parameters. We search for the professionals who meet the job criteria and send over
to you who match closest to the requirement.

We will support your organization as your extended virtual arm for your recruiting research and professionals resourcing requirements. You will find our services useful, at a low cost, in time, and with quality.

HeadHunting ( Names Sourcing )
HeadHunting is a service of finding the right professional who holds specific Titles or specific job Functions in a targeted Industry or targeted Company. Headhunting guarantees only what you specify and you start getting names within a
couple of days.

We will provide you data in a spreadsheet including the name, title, company, and telephone number and/or e-mail
address. From here your recruiters can start building relationships with prospective professionals and sell them the job opportunity. The cost of our Headhunting service is competitive and quite reasonable and the quality of services provided
is high.

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