CFR Consulting Group

RPO - Training:

It is our endeavor to foster a culture of continuous learning and growth. Nuway believes that the skill sets of our
Recruiters are a very important ingredient for world-class services, for achievement of outstanding quality standards.

Since Learning and development is a continuous process meticulous attention is paid to the requirements in terms of
domain knowledge, understanding of Technical jargons and HR functions. Consequently, our dedicated team of trainers emphasise on new inductee and ongoing training of our employees. The team focuses on accent and soft skills training
too at our in-house training center.

The following programs and workshop are mandatory for all Recruiters:

» Accent Neutralisation
» Communication skills
» Team Building
» Time Management
» Headhunting
» Enhancing Networking skills among Professionals

Training is managed so it can be planned and linked to business results

The Goal is very clear : "to ensure consistent customer experience"...

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